Sunday, 29 May 2016

Tree climbing

We clipped our helmets up, this is going to be fun. The instructor asked for volunteers. I shot my hand up. Ophelia was chosen. This was a shame.
But I was first to climb up the ladder. 

The wooden ladder was about 2m up from the ground. I was thinking this is going to be fun. I started to climb higher and higher. I reached half way up when I noticed it was a long way down.

Finally I reached the top of the tree. You could see everything,  you could even see the mountain bikers leaving. Now it was time to come down. I started abseiling but I am too heavy, so I lifted the belayer up off the ground. I finally get to the ground. Now it was time for me to be the belayer. As he started to climb up  the ladder, I hope the same thing that happened to me doesn't happen to him.

In this writing I was focusing on comprehension, on helping my reader to understand. I went well because I focusing on my work and not talking to my friends.  I made short sentence into longer ones. My next steps are to describe it better by using more complex sentences.

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  1. I love your writing Harry. How did the belayer react when you lifted him off the ground? What about you - did it give you a fright? Fabulous reflection on your work Harry, honest and accurate. Mrs P