Friday, 8 July 2016



Immigrants come to New Zealand for a better life. Most people will welcome immigrants but some won't. One in seven immigrants feel discriminated against. Most people feel discriminated because they have different skin colour.

Prejudice is saying things about people when you don't know anything about them. Prejudice is racism, sexism,  age-ism and classism.  For example, it is saying that a different skin colour to you is bad - that is racism and that just makes people feel bad so don't say that.  Prejudice comes from TV shows, books and people. Just because it’s in them doesn't mean that you have to say that - you don’t repeat it .

We interviewed some immigrants. There are many ways to make immigrants feel welcome, like just saying hello or smiling, showing them around the school, not treating them differently, asking where they are from, inviting them over to play or to a party.

What makes immigrants feel alienated or unwelcome? Pointing out differences or making fun of their clothes or food, whispering or staring, people following or being mean or saying “Do you have a bomb in your lunch box?” if you are from a country at war.

We asked what would make immigrants feel better. This is what would make immigrant feel welcome:
Help them 
being kind 
Saying hello 
helping them
not to tease them
include them

It is important to think about immigrants and not discriminate against them because they will feel unwelcome or alienated. To make them feel like they are home. all you have to do is just to include them, talk to them,  because no one likes to live in a  community that no one talks to anyone that has come from a different country.

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