Tuesday, 20 September 2016


This term I wrote a speech about how the world is falling apart. I was learning to structure my speech and use language devices. I did this by starting with a rhetorical question. I used this to hook the audience and grab their attention. I also used parts of structure but it lacks balance and  connections. I had many ideas connect to the point of view. My speech went well but I needed to work on it a little bit more.

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Have you ever  felt like….”The world is falling apart”?
When you go for a run or a walk and see rubbish just lying around, or see rubbish just floating in the sea?

 Or have you heard people making fun of other people?

The world is falling apart...the world is a crazy and exciting place, but we have some big problems. Rubbish is one of our problems...politics is a another one. 

Problems just keep cropping up...one after another. 

I don't like this.

I want to change this….we can all change this. 

Pollution is the real thing killing our ocean Life Little by Little. 

Oil spills are a big contributor to the pollution of our oceans, but rubbish is the biggest.

People leave rubbish on the beach and the changing tides come up and wash the rubbish into our oceans. 

This rubbish washes out to sea and then gets stuck on the colourful coral reefs. 

Bits of Plastic are eaten accidentally by fish, seals and whales, often with deadly results. 

We can't help what other people do but we can help what we do . 

Recently a Waka, sailing around the South Pacific Islands, knew they were coming close to an island by how much rubbish they saw. 

You guessed it...the more rubbish- the closer to land they were!  

We did a test at school and a massive one in five kids dropped rubbish on purpose... in our school! 

This kind of result really makes me steam! 

Politics. Take Donald Trump for example,  trying to make us think that some people are better than others, and dividing different cultures apart. 

Prejudice at it’s worst. 

I would love to give Donald Trump a piece of my mind and tell him we are all the same even though  we might have come from different backgrounds.

We should all be treated fairly and given the same chance and opportunities. 

Technology...it's trying to make us into zombies.  Take what new computer games do to kids. 

A new Game comes out and everybody is on their devices. 

FIrst it Was minecraft, then it was Clash of clans, and now it is Pok√©mon go.    

What has happened to hanging with your mates and actually having a talk with them, or going down to the park to kick a ball around. 

You know...exercise?  We don't do enough of it. 

Technology is ruling our life and kids are spending less time moving about. 

Okay...so what can we do to end our crazy and exciting world from falling apart?

Firstly, we can all be mindful of dropping rubbish, try and use less plastic, recycle a little bit more, and keep our beaches clean of rubbish.  

This effort by all will help save the oceans and sea life.  

We can't change Donald Trump but we can lead by example by accepting differences.

Next time you see a kid being laughed at for eating different food at lunch, or having different hair or clothes, be brave and stand up to the person who is being mean and say, “that’s not how we treat people at Waimairi school”. 

Technology. That's super easy. We can all make an effort to spend less time on our devices, spend more time outdoors, and maybe a family rule of technology free Saturday or Sunday.

 All these changes are not huge, but our combined efforts will helps keep our environment, people and brains healthy and safe. 

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